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Teen Titans Shoot. PT. 4 by Kitedot Teen Titans Shoot. PT. 4 by Kitedot
NYCC 2013:

They were doing a photoshoot but i was able to capture a few shots behind their photographer and I'm adding some dialogue. Hope you like! :)

Batwoman: Ah forget it.. I'm done. Just take the damn shot already
Kid Flash: Hey Batwoman.. does it still smell? Does it? I think I'm good...huh?
Nightwing: Dude.. i think i am HIGH on pigeon poo smell!
Wonder Woman: *thinks to self* Hmm.. i haven't moved an training FTW!
Green Arrow: Oh god.. i can't keep a steady aim with this weird ass arrow! Was i high when i made this?
Artemis: You all suck! I can't even raise my bow cause you guys are so close!
Impulse: I can't move.. my mouth.. i think its stuck in this position.. help!
Superboy: I can't believe that photographer's wearing spongebob underwear..
Supergirl: Oh god! why does it smell like fried fish!?
Aquaman: Oh sorry..but in my defense. I.. i think i'm dying out here..water....p.please..
Speedy: Holy moley.. you smell rank! Barbara, you smell that!?
Batgirl: Nope.. i been holding my breath from the beginning.. .
Red Hood: You getting a shot of my sexy abs, Photoboy!? You better! Or else!
Other Red Hood: Yea! We are some sexy red devils! This better come out great or we will come for you!
Harley: Mister J ain't gonna like that I'm here..but.. OH WELL! CHeeeeeeessse!

I winged this while looking at the pics. Sorry if they are not accurate to character.
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